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The Beginners ‘How-to’ Guide to Valuable Content Marketing: Part 3 of 4

5th October 2016

The third part of our content marketing guide will talk about social media can market your valuable content. Read ‘Part 1’ of our guide to find out what content marketing is and ‘Part 2’ understand how you can add value to your content

The Importance of Social Media with Content Marketing

Social media allows large communities to like and share content, as well as having business pages to build a following for your company. Shared content can also develop your social media marketing to build up more follows for your business.

Using Social Media with Content Marketing

Content marketing on social media allows your valuable content to be shared online through three simple and easy to understand promotion techniques:

+ Benefit: Easiest method for getting sure your content is seen.

– Problem: There is no guarantee that people will like, read or share your content even though you’ve paid for the advert.

+ Benefit: Builds trust with follows by knowing that your business sends all posts.

Problem: You will need to go to the effort of posting your own organic content on a regular basis to maintain online trust.

+ Benefit: Shows that users are highly interested in your content by sharing your work.

Problem: Relies on users finding your content.

The final instalment of this guide will discuss why content marketing is really valuable for your business, so keep watch on the Marketingmaker Blog.

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