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The Beginners ‘How-to’ Guide to Valuable Content Marketing: Part 4 of 4

7th October 2016

In the final chapter of our guide, we will tell you why going to the effort of content marketing is important for marketing your business.

To see the other instalments in our guide, check out ‘Part 1’ to understand what content marketing is, ‘Part 2’ to find out how to add value to content and ‘Part 3’ to see how social media can promote your content.

The Huge Benefits of Content Marketing to your Business

Business Awareness

The main reason content is valuable to customers is down to providing them with information they were not aware of. Customers will notice that your business will come up with the solutions that they’ll need in the future, which will motivate customers to promote your business and develop your awareness

Social Media Marketing

Valuable content can drive your social media marketing by linking your content to your business page, which can be used to build customer relationships and invite new followers to like your business page.

SEO (i.e. Keywords)

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the use of keywords in your content to be quickly found by search engines when users type in a search, such as using keywords in the title for your content. This can help to link your content to key terms, which helps to make your business easily found.

Small Costs with Large Profits

It may not require a large cost to get your valuable message across. Even a smartphone recorded video can be used for valuable content marketing if it talks about topics relevant to the customer. With such a small cost, you will gain a large social media following, more brand awareness and more customers willing to buy your valuable products.

This instalment completes our guide for content marketing. Stay tuned on the Marketingmaker Blog to find other helpful guides and series.

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